Bulbash® №1

is a premium line of the brand Bulbash®, high-quality product from Belarus

Bulbash® №1 Lumiere
Bulbash® №1 Lumiere

Bulbash® №1 Lumiere

Bulbash® №1 Lumiere is a bright new vodka in Bulbash® №1 brand portfolio.

The composition of Bulbash® №1 Lumiere includes «Lux Ultra» spirit, an artesian water from 118 meters deep well and a special ingredient — the black truffle. A delicate note of black truffle harmoniously compliments the pure taste and aroma of the vodka.

The new beverage will emphasize delicate taste and become an original gastronomic gift for the loved ones. The product is presented in a new bottle with a coating and is equipped with a LED-backlight which creates a soft glowing of the drink in the darkness.

Strength 40%
Volume 0.5 L