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Souvenir sets

special gifts for any occasion with a marked national color

Souvenir set with four bottles 0.2 l

Souvenir set with four bottles 0.2 l

Souvenir set Bulbash® embodies the Belarussian spirit in the unique design. The traditional symbol of the sun is put on the package made of craft construction paper as a national ornament.

This original souvenir set Bulbash® will be a nice present to your friends or your business partners.

The set consists of four bottles, 0.2 l each:

  • Vodka Bulbash® Original, 40%
  • Special vodka Bulbash® Birch leaves, 40%
  • Liqueur Bulbash® Cranberry, 40%
  • Liqueur Bulbash® Honey with Pepper, 40%.
Strength 40%
Volume 0.2 L