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Souvenir sets

special gifts for any occasion with a marked national color

Set with shot glasses

Set with shot glasses

The set of liqueurs Bulbash® with shot glasses has an original design with the expressive national spirit. The box is made of craft construction paper decorated with the traditional Belarussian ornament symbolizing the sun.

The set includes three shot glasses with the logo of Bulbash® and a bottle of one of the following liqueurs of 0.5 l:

  • Liqueur Bulbash® on Birch Buds, 40%
  • Liqueur Bulbash® Cranberry, 40%
  • Liqueur Bulbash® Honey with Pepper, 40%
  • Liqueur Bulbash® Bison Grass, 40%.
Strength 40%
Volume 0.5 L