Bulbash® vodkas

basic and most recognised line in the portfolio of the brand Bulbash®

Bulbash® Original

Bulbash® Original

The secret of the classic vodka Bulbash® Original lies in its unique composition. The grain basis of vodka Bulbash® Original is complemented by grain oat infusion, and this combination provides the beverage with harmony and completeness. A special sort of raisins and honey make it mild. It has a vodka flavour with shades of oat flakes and raisins.

Vodka Bulbash® Original is served chilled (8-10 0C) in its purest form or as an ingredient of cocktails. The tasting potential of the beverage fulfill traditional dishes of Belarussian cooking: boiled potato, potato flapjacks, fried carp.


Strength 40%
0.1 L 0.2 L 0.35 L 0.5 L 0.7 L 1.0 L