Bulbash® — is a brand that, since 2004, has been dynamically growing and actively developing its export geography

Proud, modern, successful

Proud, modern, successful

Bulbash® is a Belarusian brand of vodka and liqueurs with a unique taste and individual character. 

We are proud of our achievements, since Bulbash® reached worldwide recognition over 18 years of continuous development and implementation of innovative decisions.

Delivery of the products to more than 30 countries of the world, leading position in world’s TOP-25 of the fastest-growing vodka brands, more than 100 highest awards of local and international tasting contests – these are just some of the factors that definitely make Bulbash® one of the most inspiring examples of worldwide success of a product from Belarus.


We don’t use artificial colorings, preservatives and flavor enhances during the production. It is a solid rule of our brand which is followed throughout its history. 

Vodka and liqueurs of the brand Bulbash® are produced exclusively by mixing artesian water from our own well, grain spirit and natural ingredients.

During the production of our drinks more than 50 vegetal components are used: several types of grain, malt, herbs, berry and fruit infusions, nuts and spices.



Since the creation, Bulbash® became one of the leaders of alcohol industry. It is just what the facts say: a closed production cycle, more than 5 types of modern filters and 4 bottling lines with total production capacity of more than 30 mln bottles per year, exclusive spirits «Lux Ultra», «Lux Premium» and «Elite», 2 own artesian wells with the depth of more than 100 metres. These are just some factors which definitely make brand Bulbash® number 1 among most progressive companies in modern Belarus.

It is important for us to make every batch of products perfect. Therefore, checkpoints are set on every stage of closed-loop production, which helps to provide high quality consistent with international standard ISO 9001.

Pride for our origin

Bulbash® aims to make time-honored Belarusian beverages not only be liked in their country of origin, but also known worldwide. The brand is actively developing sale geography and already supplying the products in more than 30 countries of the world.

Original Belarusian drinks

Expert approach

Bulbash® team includes more than 420 high-qualified professionals in the fields of production, sales and promotion of the products, who have got healthy interest and respect for the drinking traditions of Belarus and share brand values: to be honest, open to changes and successful in everything we do. 

Bulbash ® offers its consumers authentic and exclusively natural products: vodkas and liqueurs of the highest quality.